Monday, April 13, 2009

Work Site 2 by Chas Hofmeister

Today, we arrived at 9:30 at our work site, only to realize we forgot our hammers. After a trip to the hardware store, we started real work putting siding up on a house that has been under construction for two years now. The siding was constructed of a drywall-like material that produced a lot of powder when you cut it. We measured the siding and drilled holes which we used to nail the siding to the side of the house. We had to make sure the siding was level before we nailed it to the side of the house. Once we had a piece of siding up, we then marked it an inch from the top so we knew where to overlap the next piece. We then used a level to keep the siding level. We were distracted a bit by the wildlife. Evan found a frog in the port-a-pot and he proceeded to play with it. There was also a dog named Diamond who was owned by Mrs. Mack, the owner of the house we were working on. The dog loved to chase cars, especially the one owned by the mailperson. Our work was interrupted by rain, and the bus was a little late because of how some of the roads were unclearly named. By the end of the day we were all hungry and tired; however, we reflected on our Xaverian charism of simplicity, especially in the lifestyles of the people we helped.

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