Sunday, April 12, 2009

Looks Like We Made It!!!

We had a long (but wonderfully uneventful) bus ride to SC Saturday. The biggest concern was an overloaded Burger King that we stopped near on the way down. The fundraising efforts of the students was felt immediately. The bus was comfortable, clean, and still had that new-bus smell. We spent a lot of time watching movies and sleeping, and our driver, Lloyd, was as professional as they come.

Saturday was spent getting our bearings in St. John's Island, unpacking, and walking to a nearby outdoor shopping mall. St. John's is a wonderful area. The weather has been perfect thus far, though we may run into some showers Monday and Tuesday.

Sunday has just begun, but we enjoyed Mass with an amazing singer. Several people at Mass commented on how nice-looking and well-behaved out boys were. Today the Easter Bunny has also made several appearance in many different forms. Well...we all know these guys do need more sugar, right???

I'll update this with as many new photos as I can. Follow our weather below, and Monday I'll have some pictures up with our work sites!

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  1. Happy Easter everyone! Hope you all had a great day today, and an even better week ahead!

    Pat A