Monday, April 13, 2009

Work Site 1 by Fernando Melnychenko

My Dearest friends and family members,

Today when My group arrived at our work site of Ms. Sue's house we all had different ideas on what we all where planning on doing. First we all started with lacking tools and supplies for repairing the house. Second we all decided to instead of waiting for the tools and not doing anything and just sitting around and just looking around, we all decided to work together regardless of our lack of tools. Our main group out look was teamwork through out the whole project. We all worked until we got more supplies. Once we all got a boat load of hammers we all took down the back part of the house and replaced it with brand new walls that made Ms. Sue really happy when she saw what our group had accomplished. We were all very successful with taking out three fourth of the back of the house. After we had finished we had to wait for the bus to come pick us up and wow that took forever. The rain started to pour after awhile of waiting and our group was out in the open where we could all get wet. So what we did is built a sweet tarp tent with 2x4's and a huge blue tarp. Today is only the first day though so we still have much work to get done and relationships to grow stronger throughout brother hood. More information on our great progress will definitely be posted and stories will definitely be told by your sons.

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  1. Looking good, guys! I'm so proud of you for serving others on your spring break. It's cool to see some of my students - like Shelton and Peter - in the pictures. Happy Easter!

    --Ms. Richmond