Thursday, April 16, 2009

Day 4 by Ryan Lakis

Today was our last day at the Rural Mission trip. My group finished our project which was rebuilding the sides of a mobile home. We took down the side panels and built new ones back in their place. It took a lot of effort, but with all the teamwork and help from each other, we were able to accomplish our goal. Everyone was very proud of themselves and were happy to do something for someone less fortunate then ourselves. I felt proud and had a sense of confidence once I had finished my jobs. My jobs were to take down windows and place them back into the slots. Also, with the help of my friends, took down and built the side panels back into place. I also cut and sawed off the parts of the panels we needed to build back in place. After this trip, I will go home feeling great. I now have a better sense of accomplishment and confidence now that I know I have helped someone that is important to this world.

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